The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

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There are a plethora of Toyota dealers in Baltimore, but few compare to the team that we host at Heritage Toyota Catonsville. Our staff is passionate about all things auto and will do more than sell you a great car; they’ll also provide you with the guidance to keep that vehicle running smoothly for years and years to come.

Of all the factors responsible for the smooth function of your vehicle, motor oil is situated near the top of the list. Motor oil is a lubricant responsible for keeping all the various components of your engine operating seamlessly, efficiently, and correctly. While gasoline serves its purpose in powering your engine, motor oil ensures that your engine can operate properly in the first place.

Unfortunately, motor oil isn’t forever, and after a while, it depletes and develops grime deposits. These grime deposits result in excess friction and heat, two factors that can impose a lot of damage to your vehicle. In the short term, grimy, old oil can result in engine strain and reduced fuel economy. In the long-term, you can be left with costly repairs and even the total shutdown of your engine.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle with these consequences by receiving an oil change on a regular basis. While every vehicle is different, many car care experts recommend that drivers switch out their motor oil once every 5,000 miles, or roughly every six months. Of course, we never recommend taking on regular oil maintenance on your own; it is always worthwhile to have a technical professional perform the procedure.

If you’re looking for a maintenance and service expert who can help you stay on top of your regular oil changes, there's nowhere better to turn than our Toyota service center near Columbia, MD. At Heritage Toyota Catonsville, we pride ourselves in our vast level of expertise and are always willing to pass on that knowledge with our customers. 

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