Autonomous Self-Driving Tech in Toyota Cars


The future where every car is self-driving is growing ever closer, but we are not quite at that point as of now. Even so, the engineers at Toyota have been working hard on self-driving tech features that play a huge role in improving the safety of drivers all over the Columbia, MD region. Here at Heritage Toyota Catonsville, these are some of our favorite features that you’ll find on the Toyota Safety Sense™ suite of self-driving safety technologies in new Toyota cars.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection: This system uses an integrated camera and radar system that is designed to reduce the likelihood of colliding with a preceding car or pedestrian. If the system determines that a frontal collision is likely, it will prompt you to take action using alerts, and if no action is taken, it will automatically apply the brakes.

Lane Departure Alert: A camera mounted on your windshield works to help drivers avoid the consequences of unintended lane departure by alerting you when it senses you have veered out of your lane. This feature is also available with Steering Assist and Road Edge Detection.

Automatic High Beams: With this feature, long gone are the days when you have to manually toggle between your brights and regular strength headlights. A camera on your windshield aids night driving by detecting headlights and taillights of other drivers and toggling between high and low beam strength.

Road Sign Assist: New for 2019 and available on cars like the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback, this feature uses a forward-facing intelligent camera to detect speed limit signs, stop signs, and do not enter signs and display them on the MID.

Test out these self-driving safety technologies for yourself at Heritage Toyota Catonsville.

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