Battery Maintenance Explained at Heritage Toyota Catonsville


Here at Heritage Toyota Catonsville, we know that one of the most frustrating things is getting in your car to leave for work in the morning only to discover the dreaded click that comes with a dead battery. As one of the most vital components of a vehicle’s operation, the battery is something that requires regular checks and maintenance if you want to prevent this from happening. Our friendly mechanics at our Toyota service center look forward to giving you battery maintenance tips and will quickly check your car’s battery if you’re looking for advice.

First, it’s important to understand why batteries fail. One of the primary causes of battery failure is excessive heat under the hood, which increases the rate of chemical degradation in the battery. Whether your battery has been over-charged or under-charged, either will also shorten its life. Warning signs of a weak battery that’s in need of charge or replacement include the starter motor cranking the engine slowly, dim headlamps at idle, and an illuminated battery/charging warning light. The best way to ensure that your battery has sufficient charge and isn’t close to dying is to have it checked annually at the service center at our Toyota dealership serving Ellicott City, MD.

When our highly-trained mechanics are taking a look at your car’s battery, there are a few different that they’ll check. The simplest step is to inspect the case to make sure that oil and residue aren’t causing a current drain on the battery. If that doesn’t help, we’ll then check the electrolyte levels and add distilled water if necessary. Finally, if all else fails, we’ll replace the battery with a new one.

Learn more about battery maintenance at our friendly Toyota dealership today.

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