Fuel-Saving Tips from Heritage Toyota Catonsville


Here at our Toyota dealership serving Ellicott City, MD, we know that fuel prices are rising all across the country, especially compared to a year ago. The obvious solution to save money at the pump is by simply driving less, but that isn’t an option for most people. Instead, there are plenty of driving techniques that you can employ in order to use less fuel when you’re behind the wheel. Our expert mechanics at our Toyota service center are happy to share these techniques with you while you visit our dealership for a test drive.

Avoid Driving in Rush Hour

This is out of the question for some commuters, but if you can avoid driving during the worst traffic times, you can save a lot of fuel. Every time that you start and stop in traffic, your car needs a large amount of fuel to get going again. If you’re forced to drive during rush hour, try to coast at a steady slow speed rather than rapidly braking and accelerating.

Remove Unnecessary Weight

The more weight your car is carrying around, the more fuel it uses. Unless you absolutely need them, try to avoid carrying around heavy objects in the truck of your 2018 Toyota Camry.

Turn Off the Air-Conditioning and Close the Windows

If it’s not too hot outside, closing the windows and turning off the A/C is a great way to save fuel. Having the windows open when you’re traveling at high speed makes your car less aerodynamic, and air conditioning uses quite a bit of fuel.

If you’re looking for more fuel-saving methods, head on over to our dealership and speak to a friendly Toyota dealer today.

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